Are your employees' secrets actually secrets?

  • 16 September

Determining if a website visitor, email sender, or phone caller is really who he claims to be is challenging. Many identifiers that have historically been used to verify identities have been leaked, stolen, or can easily be found in public directories. Armed with these data elements, an unauthorized individual could potentially abuse employee self-service systems that rely on these data elements being secretive.


Take Notice: What you Need to Know About Employee Wage Notices

  • 22 August

With lawmakers introducing new legislation aimed at stiffening employer penalties for cases of wage theft and a growing number of states and major cities requiring employee wage notices, it’s time for HR and Payroll teams to sit up and take notice.


How to Engage Your Fastest-Growing Employee Group: Millennials

  • 16 June

Employee engagement sits near the top of every organization's HR priority list, yet 70% of U.S. employees are disengaged. How do you fix this costly trend? Start by creating an engagement strategy for your fastest-growing employee group: millennials.


How to Give Your New Employees a Positive Onboarding Experience

  • 20 March

You established the business case for more headcount, interviewed numerous candidates, checked references, made an offer and your top candidate accepted. Job complete! Well…not so fast. A seamless employee onboarding experience is the first impression that leads directly to improved retention and productivity. 


5 Ways to Help Safeguard Your Employee Data

  • 31 January

Cybercriminal and identity thieves are out in force during tax season. They’re creative, clever and increasingly sophisticated. Are you doing all you can to protect your employees’ personal information?


Preparing for Tax Season: Five Steps to Take Now

  • 22 December

It’s hard to believe it’s that time again, but the season is here. No, not the holidays, corporate tax season is fast approaching! As you prepare, here are five important things that will make tax season go smoothly.


The Perils of Losing Sight of Tax Form Changes for Companies

  • 17 November

Regulatory changes happen. More often than you might think. Monitoring regulatory changes is time consuming, but it’s critically important as an employer that you stay on top of these changes and ensure you are using the most current tax forms to capture your employees’ tax information. Failure to capture the correct information can lead to time-consuming audits and costly penalties.


Four Ways to Engage Your Employees to Drive Self-Service Success

  • 11 August

You can’t expect employees to take the self-service wheel without information and guidance. As employers, you need to put them on the right path with proper direction, so eventually they can “drive” on their own. Only then can you eliminate any worries about self-service and focus your resources on other HR and payroll needs.


Don’t Let Your HR Data Get Lost in Your Transition to the Cloud

  • 11 August

In the race to capture the benefits of cloud-based technology platforms, HR and Payroll teams need to make sure that their essential historical employee data is not left behind.


Time Is Right to Get Strategic About Your W-4 Management

  • 16 May

Near the top of every new employee onboarding checklist on day one is a task to complete all required W-4 tax forms. Despite the increased complexity of state and local tax regulations, many employers have continued to use paper-based tax forms to capture this important information—until recently.


Tax & HR Compliance Changes You Need to Know for 2016

  • 04 March

Now is the ideal time to understand and prepare for tax and compliance regulations that are changing. It will save you valuable time and resources later in the year. 


Top Resolutions in Employer Compliance

  • 10 February

Employer compliance has never been more important with increasing regulatory pressures and requirements. To help ensure you effectively manage your employer compliance activities, we’ve prepared a list of resolutions to focus on this year.